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  • 'I Did It For The Rock Gods' Review

    The love of music is personal and subjective. Each and every one of us has our own reasons for liking the things we do and dislike the things for the same. I have even found myself not digging stuff that even fits my typical tastes and I simply can’t explain (and vice versa.) An album may rub me the wrong way the first few listens, but then I will go back and feel differently about it. Another may blow me away initially only to later make me question why I liked it so much. Artists, while creating songs, are also personal and subjective. Obviously, you’re going to write and perform music that appeals to you, but the creators of said music will also interject their personal feelings and experiences. Sometimes a writer misses the mark and can’t inject feelings and experiences that allow a large cross-section of people to enjoy it. Clearly, those bands that have huge fanbases have managed to find a way to tap into the listener allowing them to connect with the artist on many levels. Doesn’t necessarily mean the band is something you love (or are even good,) but just tapped into something at that moment that enabled a song or album to move the listener. And become a hit.

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  • 5 Songs That Have Kept Me Inspired, by Terence Keith

    Dead Superstar is a Long Island, NY-based rock combo that has been doing their thing since forming back in 2005. Citing such influences as Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine, the band fuses the punch of metal with the radio-ready hooks of classic rock. While Long Island is usually represented on music sites these days via hardcore and/or emo-tinged acts, Dead Superstar have managed to carve out their own following via constant gigging, in and outside of their hometown region.

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  • Dead Superstar- On The Ledge

    Dead Superstar has never been a band to shy away from tough topics and ‘On The Ledge’ is no different. The track delves into themes of abandonment and self-preservation; vocalist Terence Keith stated: “Written to remind yourselves in life you need space to breathe. Life is too short for self-abuse. You’re not alone—carry on!” Musically, ‘On The Ledge’ has a guitar-driven sound with plenty of melody and the vocals sound like a love child between Michael Poulsen (Volbeat) and Layne Staley (Alice in Chains). It’s their first single from their upcoming second album I Did It For The Rock Gods, due out on April 18th and if the album continues in the same vein, it’s going to be a very good album.

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  • Long Island Rockers DEAD SUPERSTAR Present a Dark Yet Hopeful Message with Their New Song “On the Ledge”

    Dead Superstar may have a name that sounds pretty negative in tone, but it’s not all doom and gloom with our exclusive premiere of their latest song “On The Ledge.” This is the first single from the hard rock group’s latest album, I Did It For The Rock Gods, due out on April 18th. With its hard-driving, guitar-driven sound, “On The Ledge” is an intense piece of music with melodic tones and an important message. The track dives deeply into themes of abandonment and self-preservation about which vocalist Terence Keith, commented: “Written to remind yourselves in life you need space to breathe. Life is too short for self-abuse. You’re not alone—carry on!”

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  • Dead Superstar Release New Single and Video Off Forthcoming LP

    With the Hard Driving Track and Video Recorded in Abandoned Former Psychiatric Center, Dead Superstar Brings Powerfully Intense Lyrics to Light

    With influences ranging from Tool to Shinedown, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and more, it’s no wonder Long Island-based rockers Dead Superstar bring the same amount of hard hitting yet melodically driven songs to audiences nationwide. And with their latest release, “Beware of the Knife,” out now via iTunes, Amazon, along with their brand new video, you’ll want to be sure to check out the band that’s being called “a radical rendezvous of sound!”

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